Blackford County Concerned Citizens Volunteer Organization Meeting

We need your help today! If we are going to learn what is happening in Blackford County, we need to get everyone to fill out a survey! We need people to help get these surveys to everyone in Blackford County. We have lots of tasks that need to be done. Please attend the meeting if you are interested in helping with any of these tasks or would just like more information in general. If you are out of town but would still like to help please send an email to• Take the survey to their church• Take the survey to their community organization• Organize a booth at community events to distribute the survey• Enter the data from the surveys• To search public records on the IDEM Virtual File Cabinet (can be done from any location)• Mapping the facilities and disease cases to make a comprehensive picture. • Fundraising• Local officers•Public Relations
Location: John XXIII Center 407 W. McDonald St Hartford City, IN
Start Time:
Date: 2011-10-09
End Time: 17:00