Help! This Is A Critical Time For Your Voice!

Fugitive Dust - Dust that moves over Hartford Iron's property line is a violation of state rules (326 IAC 6-4 and 6-5) On Saturday, October 21st, a meeting took place at City Hall. Very few residents attended the informative presentation by IPFW students.

The Mayor and Council Persons witnessed the low turnout causing them to believe no one cares about Hartford Iron and Metal. Blackford County Concerned Citizens is working to persuade government officials to act concerning the problems at Hartford Iron and Metal, but it is nearly impossible without support of the community.

We realize it was Fall break week and a nice day, so we have created an electronic opportunity for you to respond. This is your opportunity to ask city government to relocate Hartford Iron and Metal to the Industrial Park.

Spread the news far and wide! Here is what you can do:

We Need You! The Time To Act Is Now! Don’t Be Ignored!


Contact the officials on the list below and request that they attend the meeting on Saturday, November 18th:

Hartford City Mayor’s Office
Mayor Ben Hodgin (765)348-0412
Arlene West, Administrative Assistant (765)348-0412
Hartford City Mayor’s Office
Mayor Ben Hodgin (765)348-0412
Arlene West, Administrative Assistant (765)348-0412
Hartford City Council
Dennis Nottingham, District 1 (765)348-5215
Dustin George, District II (765)331-9232
Jimmy Lytle, District III (765)730-0655
William Hess, District IV (765)348-0549
Garry Monroe, At-Large (765)348-6076
Scott D. Mealy, Chief (765)348-4819
Board Of Public Works And Safety
G. Andrew Glentzer (765)348-5400
Cindy Gross (765)348-4794
Hartford City Water Works
Ronald Thomas, Superintendent (765)348-2230
Waste Water Treatment
Gregg Jones (765)348-3855
Blackford County Economic Development
Colton Bickel, Exec. Dir. (765)348-4944
Blackford County Health Department
John Lancaster, President (765)348-1620
Donald Hunsberger, Chairman, BC Board of Health (765)348-4317 and (765)348-0300
Indiana Department of Environmental Management
Donald Snemis, General Counsel & Deputy Chief of Staff
Paul Higginbotham, Deputy Assistant Commissioner (Water)
Nancy Johnston
Office of Air Quality, Compliance & Enforcement Branch (317)233-6865
David Zier, BC Air Compliance Inspector (317)233-1136
Environmental Protection Agency
Rafael Gonzalez (312)886-0269

Hartford Iron and Metal

Summary Of The Situation

Since 2006, Hartford Iron and Metal in Hartford City, Indiana, has been in violation for improper methods for containing harmful chemicals, including PCBs, from their industrial work.

In 2009 the Indiana Department of Environmental Management and Hartford Iron and Metal agreed, in a Court Approved Consent Decree, to clean their site.

In 2011, and again in 2015, IDEM completed another inspection and found Hartford Iron and Metal was still in violation. Some methods of cleanup did occur, but none of them were substantial enough to actually make a difference.

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management has allowed Hartford Iron and Metal to continue business and to expand operations for eleven years after being originally cited for violations even though they are still not in compliance with the Court Order Decree of 2009.

It is time for real change for the citizens of Hartford City. Come join that change on November 18th at 10 a.m. The meeting will be located at City Hall, 700 N. Walnut St., Hartford City, IN.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 765-730-4168 or email us at blackfordcoconcernedcitizens[at]gmail[dot]com.