Meet Joanna – Our Project Ambassador

Many of you may already know Joanna Bell, but do you know her in this role? Maybe not. So, let’s introduce her to you a bit more so that when you encounter her in the community, you can trust that she is committed to your town. She shines as a bright light in our research project and we are grateful to have her on board.

Joanna was born and raised in Hartford City. She has lived all her life in a home her Dad purchased in 1955 until just recently. Joanna married a local fellow – you may know him as Ben – who is also from Hartford City. All of their four children were raised in the home her Dad bought when she was young. Joanna is Hartford City, through and through! Joanna has worked many jobs in her lifetime, but she has always lived in proximity to the scrapyard. Several family members and neighbors have experienced ALS and cancer, so she was particularly motivated to get involved. As Joanna says, “I kind of have a vested interest in this project!” We are grateful to have her on board.

Joanna has a granddaughter who is just over a year old and she is the light of their lives. Being a grandmother is so new and refreshing and awesome. Joanna and Ben have also started a whole new chapter in their life in their new home. This is one of the most amazing times in their lives together. They are learning new things about themselves despite having been married more than 21 years! It has been a crazy time, but it has also been good and they are looking forward to a bright future together. Joanna’s favorite color is lilac purple and her favorite food is steak and a baked potato. And, last but not least, Joanna is a dog person all the way (sorry cat lovers).

by Eric Evans

Joanna Bell, Project Ambassador