Update on Hartford Iron Cleanup

Eighteen Blackford County citizens attended a public information meeting November 7 at City Hall in Hartford City hosted by Blackford County Concerned Citizens. Indra Frank, Environmental Health Director for the Hoosier Environmental Council, gave a synopsis of the public record on Hartford Iron’s cleanup including what contaminants have been found there and what cleanup has occurred, so far. Kristen Belcredi, Senior Vice President of Engineering Services with Keramida, answered questions on Keramida’s plans to install a permanent storm water treatment system.  The system will include a retention pond at the Chestnut Street property owned by Hartford Iron. The storm water from Hartford Iron will be collected there and then treated to remove contaminants before it is released into the storm sewer. Ms. Belcredi reported that there will be a fence around the pond. In answer to questions about mosquito control, she said that the water will be circulating which discourages mosquito breeding and they will use control measures, if needed.  There ismore information on the cleanup here.

If you see or hear explosions at Hartford Iron or see dust and soil from Hartford Iron spreading beyond their property line, please call the Complaint Coordinator for the Indiana Department of Environmental Management at (800) 451-6027 ext. 24464 or file a complaint electronically here.