Hartford Iron and Metal Refuses to Discuss Relocation

Hartford Iron and Metal’s lawyer was present for the April 2018 City Council meeting. During that meeting, it was stated that a committee would only be formed if relocation was “off the table.” However, that was not one of the limitations of forming the committee in the March 2018 City Council meeting. When discussing (or lack of discussing) relocation, no real explanation was given. All the information provided by Marc Shere, the attorney for Hartford Iron and Metal, about compliance dealt with storm water runoff.

However, according to IDEM’s report in May 2018, lead was detected “above its groundwater screening level.” IDEM stated that Hartford Iron and Metal needed to provide evidence that the level of lead detected was not due from their “facility’s activities.” Hartford Iron and Metal have yet to provide sufficient evidence showing that they are in compliance when it comes to lead levels in the ground water.

by Sierra Marsh and Eric Evans