Mayor Hodgin Fails to Appoint a Committee

During the March 2018 City Council meeting, Mayor Hodgin was asked if a committee had been formed to discuss the relocation of Hartford Iron and Metal. Mayor Hodgin responded that he had not promised to form any committee, only to look into the possibility of one. Mayor Hodgin then continued with stating that he had information indicating that Hartford Iron and Metal was in compliance with IDEM regulations. Since he believed they were complying, Mayor Hodgin did not feel it necessary to form a committee of any sort at that point.

However, Eric Evans showed a video where Mayor Hodgin made a promise to form a committee, and City Council subsequently voted to form a committee. Then, during the April 2018 City Council meeting, Mr. Evans was told by Marc Shere, the attorney for Hartford Iron and Metal, that a committee would only be formed if talk of relocation was “off the table.” Mayor Hodgin has still yet to fulfill his promise of a committee to the citizens of Hartford City.

by Sierra Marsh and Eric Evans