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Fugitive Dust - Dust that moves over Hartford Iron's property line is a violation of state rules (326 IAC 6-4 and 6-5)

Fugitive Dust – Dust that moves over Hartford Iron and Metal’s property line is a violation of state rules (326 IAC 6-4 and 6-5)

Storm Water – If it runs off of Hartford Iron and Metal untreated, it is a violation of their Agreed Order

Open Burning – Such that “air contaminants resulting from combustion are emitted directly into the air, without passing through a stack or chimney” is prohibited in Indiana except for campfires and certain agricultural maintenance (326 IAC 4)


1. Submit a Complaint On-Line:
2. Call the Complaint Coordinator: (800) 451-6027 ext. 24464 or (317) 232-4464
3. Print, Complete, and Mail: a paper-based Complaint Submission Form from

What You Can Do – Contact IDEM to Convene a Public Hearing

Here is the notice published by Indiana Department of Environmental Management. Please write IDEM. The more citizens IDEM hears from, the greater the likelihood they will convene a public hearing. Deadline for letters is June 12th.

Here is a sample letter you can use for writing your own response:

[Date – must be posted by June 12, 2017]
ATTN: Ms. Kerlann Bunch, Permit Manager
100 N. Senate Ave.
Mail Code 65/42PS
Room 1255
Indianapolis, IN 46204

[OR you can email written comments to

Dear Ms. Kerlann Bunch, Permit Manager,

We are requesting that IDEM convene a Public Hearing with regards to Hartford Iron and Metal. There has been a significant amount of rain during the past several weeks with a substantial of water runoff not being captured by the existing system. There has been no demonstration of how the proposed system will be successful in treating the runoff water issue. Additionally, the proposed system amounts to an expansion of the existing facility.

Recent investigation and research indicates that fugitive dust contaminated by significant amounts of arsenic, lead, chromium, cadmium and nickel is being deposited on the surrounding landscape in the residential neighborhood – upwind as well as downwind from Hartford Iron and Metal. This suggests that the contaminated fugitive dust is not being carried by the wind, but is generated onsite by ongoing Hartford Iron and Metal activities. The contaminated dust is then washed during rainfall into the stormwater drainage system. This stormwater needs to be addressed as well as the stormwater coming directly off of the site.

Please notify us of your intention.
Thank you,
[your name]
[all requests must include your name, contact information, address, phone and email if you have one)]

Photo Voice Project

Do you have concerns about public health in your community? Do you want investigation into possible pollution sights in your neighborhood? Are you proud to live in Blackford County? Then come share your concerns with the community!

You are invited to participate in the Blackford County Concerned Citizens’ (BCCC) Photo Voice Project!

Please join us on March 19th at City Hall. We want to hear you share your story!